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Education at Mesrop Mashtots University

The dedication and integrity of Mesrop Mashtots University’s founders and faculty members, along with the affiliated base college, have earned the educational institution a prestigious reputation within the nation and internationally as a hub for producing top-tier professionals.

We provide cutting-edge and continuously evolving educational curricula to ensure the highest quality of education.

Mesrop Mashtots University offers both Undergraduate (full-time and part-time ) and Graduate (full-time and part-time) degree programs.

Additionally, the affiliated base college provides a range of Secondary professional programs.




Student structures


   Student Council


Student  Scientific Society


Today, students from the Design Department had the privilege of participating in an extraordinary event,  Fa Convention 23.                   Read  more

Today, another session of the “Business Informatics” course was conducted.    Read more

A fresh memorandum has been officially endorsed between Mesrop Mashtots University and @tepikyan_design_studio.  Read more 

Yesterday, Mesrop Mashtots University welcomed our partner, @qatarairways, for a collaborative event.         Read more

Lucian Casagrande, the General Director of @doubletreeyerevan hotel, was welcomed with hospitality at Mesrop Mashtots University.          Read more